The ‘Arena ASG’ Playing Field Rules

Section I
General Rules

§ 1
Definitions used in the ‘Arena ASG’ Playing Field Rules:
1. Playing Field means ‘Arena ASG’ Playing Field
2. Field Owner means Stanislaw Smitkowski – the owner of ‘Arena ASG Stanislaw Smitkowski’ business or a person authorized by him.
3. Player means a person approved to participate in a game or actually participating in it.

Section II
Rules of Play

§ 2
A Player may be approved to participate in a game if he/she:
1. is 18 or older and has full legal capacity;
2. has accepted these Playing Field Rules;
3. has made a required payment;
4. is more than 16 years old and has parent/guardian permission in writing.

§ 3
A Player may be suspended from play at any time by the Field Owner without giving a reason.

Section III
Safety Rules

§ 4
All Players participate in games at their own risk. By joining a game Players agree to give up any possible claims associated with the Playing Field and participating in games in relation to the Field owner. By joining a game Players declare that they have no medical condition to participate in a game.

§ 5
1. Main responsibilities of the Players:
a) to follow the instructions of the Field Owner or persons authorized by him, people taking care of games animation, and in particular to follow games rules set by animators;
b) to avoid any possible accidents and threats to themselves and other people associated with the Playing Field and games, and in particular to be cautious and to follow safety rules defined in these Playing Field Rules;
c) to follow fairplay rules and to maintain a proper attitude towards all other players and bystanders
d) not to take actions which can damage in the Playing Field;
e) not to litter;
f) to repair any possible damage caused by them in the field.
2. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are not allowed to participate in a game.

§ 6
All Players are responsible for their actions during a game, in particular these which are associated with using an Airsoft gun. Players are required to avoid any possible accidents and risks of injuring themselves or other people associated with the Playing Field and games, in particular:
1. to be careful;
2. to use an Airsoft gun in a way that does not cause any injury to other Players, and to  maintain a safe minimum distance shot;
3. to wear certified eye protection and test its resistance before the game;
4. to wear suitable protective clothing;
5. to secure their Airsoft gun from an accidental shot during game pauses;
6. if it is possible, not to aim to other Players heads.

§ 7
There is an absolute ban from shooting in the direction of people who do not wear their eye protection. If a Player notices a person without an eye protection on a field where a direct fire exchange is possible he/she is required to immediately inform other players and stop the game.

§ 8
Players are recommended to:
1. wear face protection: scarves, balaclavas or masks;
2. wear over-the-ankle shoes, knee protection, gloves, helmets or other headgear that protects against head injury and ticks.
Players who do not wear protective clothing do it at their own risk.

§ 9
The maximum averaged power limit for Airsoft guns that the Players are allow to use is 450 FPS and 350 FPS for indoor. The FPS is measured for 0,2 g BB and with a resetted hop-up. The average power is calculated upon five shots.
Player’s lack of knowledge about his/her Airsoft gun is no excuse for not following the rules.
Each Player is required to measure his/her Airsoft gun power upon request of the Field owner or a person authorized by him.
It is forbidden to use metallized BBs or other BBs that are potentially dangerous to other participants.

Section IV
Organizational Rules

§ 10
If there are no other rules set by the Field owner or a person authorized by him, the following instructions apply to all games.

§ 11
If a Player gets hit, he/she should immediately inform about it by pulling a red cloth and then leave the game without any distraction to other Players. The Player is obligated to stay at a place determined by the Field owner.

§ 12
Players who were removed from a game should behave in a way that does not hinder the game, in particular, they should restrain themselves from providing information about the game to Players, talking loudly and shooting, if it may make it more difficult to continue the game for other Players.

§ 13
If a weapon is hit, it is eliminated till the end of the game.

§ 14
The above rules may be changed by the Field owner for certain games.


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